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What Composite Blade is Closest to RBK MS Mid Curve?

I currently have a Rbk 1k wood stick and the curve is working pretty good for me. I was wondering what other patterns are similar to the MS mid curve. Preferably a composite pattern.What Composite Blade is Closest to RBK MS Mid Curve?
It's a generic mid curve. That is not listed on any blade pattern listings, so there's no way of knowing. Is the blade open at all (twisted at the end)? If so, RBK doesn't have anything close. Easton's Sakic is the standard for that type of blade. If it's just bent in the middle, RBK's P30 or Begeron (same blade, different reference systems in case the player contract runs out and they have to change the name)

The Easton Lidstrom is also very similar, but a smaller curve.

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What Composite Blade is Closest to RBK MS Mid Curve?
Sherwood "Bouchard" is pretty similar too but I'm not sure if it's available in composite. My local rink proshop only has it as a fibreglass blade (not as durable for most people but better puck feel - in my opion anyway)


Most composite blades are TAPERED, and the RBK 1K is NOT = make sure it fits the shaft you're planning to use it on.

RBK 1K is a mid-heel curve, slightly open face, square toe, medium length length, lie5 as far as its construction it's a Fibreglass reinforced wood blade with ABS blade core.

When living and playing roller hockey in California I used to swear by its predecessor, the Titan ASD - iIf you like the curve + on/off-ice playability in a blade that will fit into a standard shaft but need something stronger, try the Jofa 7000 or Koho Crossover 21

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