Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is the average size of a brain lesion, from MS?

I have lots of symptoms of MS, have been tested for tons of things (all came back negative). My brain MRI showed only one lesion, 3mm. My dr dismissed the lesion but my symptoms haven't gone anywhere!What is the average size of a brain lesion, from MS?
You would have to ask a neurologist that question. I do know that the lesion hasto be in the white matter of the brain. There are also lots of things that cause lesions such as certain drugs and medicines, strokes, cancer, viruses and infections, head trauma, surgury as well as headaches to name a few. A lesions is any abnormality in the brain. Many people are born with lesions and they are merely indicative of the fact that the brain is not perfectly formed like everything else in the body. I have a grilfriend who was diagnosed with MS where I live. However when she went to a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, he told her that the lesions she had on her MRI were indicative of the type caused by migrain headaches not MS. Having a lesion is not necessarily proof of MS. A neurologist will only diagnosis MS, if she/he sees both acitve and old lesions. It took me ten year to get a defnitive diagnosis of MS. This is not an easy disease to dagnosis since the symptoms come and go and all of them are indicative of other diseases. I wish you luck I assure you that there is a lot of life after a diagnosis of MS. You might want to contact the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, or the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. They both have websites. You can always join an on-line MS group right here on the web at Yahoo. Just visit Yahoo Groups.

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