Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is required to start a business in Jackson,MS?

I am a stay at home mother in Jackson, MS hoping to start my own business as a place to have b-day parties and play dress up for girls. I am in need for some on help on how to start a business in MS and on writing a business plan. Are there certain licenses I need to have to work with kids?What is required to start a business in Jackson,MS?
Business savy,license and a bonding company. I live about 90 miles south on hiway 49.What is required to start a business in Jackson,MS?
Find the closest Small Business Development Center and call them. Or check them out on the internet. They get paid to help you ask all the right questions, find all the right answers and make all the right decisions to set up a successful small business. Good luck! There's lots of people that have successful home based businesses. There's no reason you can't too if you can keep yourself motivated and focused!What is required to start a business in Jackson,MS?
Your best bet would be to go to City Hall. Tell them what your plans are and what you have to do to get started. There is a license for everything if you plan this as a money-making venture. You might be eligible for a small business loan. Good luck. Kids need all the help from good people they can get.

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