Saturday, March 10, 2012

What are the chances that my mum has MS?

Hi, my mother is 45 years old and has been suffering from Optic Neuritis for 3 months. She also feels light headed and dizzy. Her MRI scans have come back positive. My mum's brother and mother both had MS. Her mum with a very mild form and her brother with a very aggressive form. What are the chances that she has multiple sclerosis? If she doesn't, what else could it be?What are the chances that my mum has MS?
With optic neuritis and positive MRI scans, the chances of it being MS are very high, especially when her mother and brother also have it. I cannot think of what it could be, besides MS.

As you know MS affects everyone differently, and an MS diagnosis doesn't need to be the end of the world. Many people, like your grandmother, have mild forms of MS, and many lead normal or near-normal lives, so hopefully your mother will fall into this category as well.

All the best to all of you.

(1 year before she is permanently disabled? Where do you get this nonsense from, Gary?)

EDIT: Ah, I understood it as if the MRI scan had shown lesions. While MS is a common cause of optic neuritis, there are others. You can read about them here:鈥?/a>What are the chances that my mum has MS?
hey matt, sorry but it is MS, @ 45, she probably has 1 year before she is permanently disabled, sorry for your pain and I hope for the best but reality is that you will suffer for her as she deteriorates.

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