Saturday, March 10, 2012

How do you make visible changes to MS Word document?

A friend sent me her novel in MS word, so i can help and find any mistakes. I know how to make comments on the side margin, but i dont know how to make visible changes...what i mean by that:

Original sentence example: I were going to the market.

I want to make it: I (were is crossed out in red) (was is in red) going to the market. That way she can track changes and accept them.How do you make visible changes to MS Word document?
Use the text highlight option (like a highlighter pen). Your friend can remove the highlights very easily without having to re-edit your changes.How do you make visible changes to MS Word document?
Word has a "Track Changes" feature where different people can edit a document and it will show the changes in different colors instead of actually making the changes.

For Word 2007 and later, go to the "Review" tab. In the middle of the Ribbon in the Tracking section, click on "Track Changes" to enable it. You can go into the OTracking Options to change the options like different colors and what changes you want to show.

For Word 2003 and earlier, right-click on the toolbars and turn on the "Reviewing" toolbar and then click on the Track Changes icon button.

One important setting is the Show "Final Showing Markup". Enable this to see the changes. Disable or set it to just "Final" to see the editted document after the changes.

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