Sunday, March 4, 2012

What advice should I give my best friend about MS?

My best friend just found out that she more than likely has M.S. I know almost nothing about it besides that it is an autoimmune disease that damages the myelin sheath of neurons (or something like that) and that it can be paralyzing and cause vision problems. I am really worried about her. So if you or someone you know has MS could you help me out? What is likely to happen? etc. How should I react and what could I do to make her feel better? What do I need to know about it?What advice should I give my best friend about MS?
My sister was just diagnosed. It's a hard thing to take in. She's 28 and has a 5 year old. She takes the injection daily. She is always tired and just had surgery to help with the pain in her face. They still don't know if it will help.

When I first found out I was very scared and I had to stop myself from showing it. I think it's important that we be strong for our loved ones. They already know what could happen. It's best to enjoy the time that we have and not think about the future what-ifs.

You should look up all you can on MS. There are some really great websites. There's not really a way to tell how a person's MS will progress. It's really a matter of time. We can either spend our time worrying, or we can spend our time enjoying every day.

I'm sorry to hear of your friend. Just act normal around her. When she is having her bad days, ask if there is anything you can do to help her. If she has kids, offer to help with them when she has flare ups.

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