Sunday, March 4, 2012

How important is it to know oracle and MS SQL Server?

I'm a Information System major and want to know if it's important to know Oracle and MS SQL Server ? If so, why and what books can u suggest?

Are they easy to learn?How important is it to know oracle and MS SQL Server?
Oracle is a major database systems software designer.

MS SQL server is just that a datbase SQL server.

SQL is the language which retrives information from the database.

To fully understand what is happening when you use SQL to these systems which at the present time are very popular in use with industry.

Yes they are nessessary.

Go to and get some information there for learning about there database software.

and Miscrsofts SQL server page to find more inforamtion about it there.

subscribe to several forms where you can pick brains when you get stuck.

I have a complete reference book for SQL. but its outdated as it was written in 1999

get a reference for SQL and go to the web sites they have information on there products there to self learn.

As far as if you need to learn these things for your educational points[credits] i guess it would depend on the corse criaciulamHow important is it to know oracle and MS SQL Server?
I would say that it is more important to know Linux which is what Oracle use any way, If you go to this website then you can download the latest up to date Free Linux sever software you get all the info on how to secure every type of server there is out there, and there are tons of free tutorials on setting up and securing networks

Go through the archives on this website on how to's

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