Sunday, March 4, 2012

What is the difference between Corel Wordperfect and MS word?

Which one is better? Corel wordperfect or MS word?

what is the main diff?

10 points for best answer!!What is the difference between Corel Wordperfect and MS word?
I've used both and have a slight preference for WordPerfect, although I now use Word.

WordPerfect does not assume you're an idiot, and I like that. For example, when you reveal codes, it shows you *all* the codes, so you can identify and correct the exact problem caused by your typo which caused a macro to run or did other hard-to-identify damage. Word only shows tabs and returns--the user can't be trusted with macros, centering, or underlines.

WordPerfect has a better spell checker which has other uses in addition to checking your spelling. I very much miss its 'wildcard' feature: You know how to spell part of a word, so you type in what you know and put an asterisk where you don't (example: PN*MONIA), and it supplies all the words that fit. Great!

I find the tabs and page set-up easier with WordPerfect. Again, Word is less transparent so if you make a mistake, it's harder to get rid of it.

All that said, though, Word is the business standard. If you will be sending only printed materials out, what word processing you use doesn't matter, but if you send data through the internet via email, or mail a physical CD, the recipient pretty much expects it to be in Word.

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