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What is MS and how can you get nerve damage?

My new girlfriend told me she has MS and nerve damage and she was in a lot of pain.I don't know what either mean especially MS.I want to make sure its not a disease so I won't be harm for something or catch something.How can you get nerve damage and what does it do to you?What is MS and how can you get nerve damage?
MS is an autoimmune disease. The exact cause is not known. It is believed that your body's own immune cells enter the CNS and start eating away at the myelin. Myelin is important for nerve conduction. If all the myelin of a nerve gets eaten away, then the axon of the nerve loses its integrity, and eventually that nerve can die. If a nerve dies, all of its memory is lost too.

People with MS often have the following symptoms:

Fatigue- You are trying to do a basic task. Its like you are trying to go 120 mph, but yet you only end up going 40 mph.

Bladder problems- Nerves that innervate the bladder are controlled in the CNS. If the myelin of these nerves gets attacked, then bladder problems can result.

Neuropathic pain- your body is eating away @ the nerves--thus causing pain

Cognitive problems- like i said, if nerve cells die , you lose that memory

It is not contagiuous. There is treatment for MS but there is not a cure. It slows the progression down.What is MS and how can you get nerve damage?
There is speculation that the body sees the shell of the wheat protein as a foreign substance and sets up a reaction against it, and in the process attacks a similar protein in the sheath around the nerves.

I have a story to tell. In the 1980's, they were giving out a narcotics rehab drug called Revia, as a condition for narcotics addicts to be out of jail. But it made them feel terrible. Because it bound up the little endorphin supply they had as part of the way it worked.

A New York neurologist found that if you gave them less than a tenth of the dose, at bedtime. the body "sees" the level of endorphins at zero, and brings the level way up. So the addicts were feeling excellent in the morning, without the need for a 'fix'.

One day, a lady with MS came to him as a new patient. She was telling him about muscle spasticity, transient blindness, dropping things, feeling crummy in the morning, etc.

He asked her if she would be willing to try the dose schedule that was helping the addicts feel better in the morning. Sure, she said.

Few weeks later, she came back in and told how she was indeed feeling better in the morning. AND HER MS SYMPTOMS WERE GOING AWAY.

Ever hear of the book "The Caine Mutiny"? Son of the author, Joseph Wouk, had his left arm totally numb. They found that he had the worst kind of MS, he got into a study group, and now he has full use of that arm.

Enough of that. A Youtube website for you and your girlfriend. It's the first part of a 30 minute commentary that may be of value to you both.What is MS and how can you get nerve damage?
MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis which is a chronic disorder where the central nervous system gets attacked. Symptoms can be mild(i.e. numb limbs) or severe(i.e.loss of vision). Since the central nervous system is located in the brain and spinal cord does this condition affect many areas of the body.
I have 2 friends who live with MS--one got hearing problems, the other got problems with her bones and muscles, but both are able to live a fairly normal life. One is married and had 3 children, all of them healthy, she also got granbdchildren now. So MS is not some contagious disease or STD it is an illness where the body or immune system attacks the central nervous system.
Besides answering your question did I go online and found a website that might be helpful to you. I also have a suggestion for your girlfriend: tell her to start taking Marine Phytoplankton daily. It is not very expensive and in time it actually improves the quality of life. It has many benefits and since it is an all natural super food will it not interfer with any medication. It also contains only trace amounts of the vitamins A-K, so there should not be any worry about taking any supplements in addition. You can get it at amazon for a decent price(UMAC-Core). I know several people with various health issues, including cancer issues who have experienced so many good things by taking it that they told me that's what they needed all their life. Since MS is a chronic condition would I not expect it to be :cured", but I can guarantee you that the flare ups of this disease will be a lot less--however, you have to realize that since it is a natural product it will take time. It improved my vision after approx. 12 months of taking it, but it also took care of other issues way before that.......

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