Saturday, February 25, 2012

How can I convert a file in MS Publisher to a pdf?

I have created a newsletter in MS Publisher. I would now like to convert it to a pdf file so that I can upload it to a website.

I am not sure what software I need to have - can anyone recommend anything or is there anything free that can be downloaded, that will do the job?

Thanks.How can I convert a file in MS Publisher to a pdf?
Try adbbe's website
If you want convert a file to a pdf , you can try this File to PDF which allows you to create your own professional-looking PDF files from any files document. It converts Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, Convert over 300 other file formats to PDF. Files to PDF can create a high quality PDF Doc from any file type - quick And easy.The following step by step tutorial will tell you how to complete conversion:鈥?/a>

Just try it ,hope it can help you!How can I convert a file in MS Publisher to a pdf?
Download and install a program called PDF Redirect (you can get the free version from

This will install a printer driver that you can select when you want to create a PDF. You "print" to that "printer" from Publisher and it will create a PDF of that.

You can thus make anything a PDF as you need it.
if you download and install the free open office for windows open presentation, open your newsletter then save it in PDF file format, Open office has all the same features MS office 2010 has nad more besides, you can download it from here

http://www.openoffice.orgHow can I convert a file in MS Publisher to a pdf?
You may try this PDF Creator, it can help you convert text, image, html, microsoft office files to PDF file. My friends recommend it to me, it's easy to use and works pretty well for me鈥?/a>

Email me if you need further assistant.
You can convert this online without having to download any software check out the following websites:

Or you could you try the following:鈥?/a>
you can use simpo pdf creator to create pdf file from any printable pdf files.
There are several free converters.

Here is one:

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