Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is the disadvantage of using MS Excel to make a web page?

I want to make a website for my small company. I know how to use MS excel.

The page must load quickly and I need to modify it regulary.

Is MS excel a good tool to do this with?

Thanks in advance for any answers.What is the disadvantage of using MS Excel to make a web page?
Probably the main drawback to using Excel is that Microsoft puts in very propietary code into the pages. Most good quality site development programs, like dreamweaver, have specific tools to strip out this code. It causes problems on other browsers like firefox.

Other issues are general design issues like placing things in appropriate spots, etc. Also, management of these sites would be a nightmare.

If you want to develop a good looking site that you can update, try a developer. For example, I could design a great looking website in a couple days that would allow you to make updates with no design or development experience whatsoever for under $500 - $600, including hosting. I've been doing it as my sole income for over 10 years. You can see over 30 designs I have done at my website,

Good luck whatever you choose.What is the disadvantage of using MS Excel to make a web page?
Excel probably won't make a very good web page I'm afraid. You might be better finding a web host that offers a site builder package or content management package or design package like serif webplus as part of the hosting. If you can use Word to make a document you can make a webpage using these and it'll be much better than the excel export function.

Better yet there are quite a few hosting companies offering these as standard for small business sites.What is the disadvantage of using MS Excel to make a web page?
Excel has many great features but also some drawbacks. You may have issues with creating .htm files from multiple sheets in a single workbook. Also, you have limited control over normal html settings. But if it's just for your compny's internal use it should be OK. Plus, you can offer Excel-like functionalities which are difficult to build from scratch.
I would not recommend using Excel to do websites. The HTML export feature in Excel I think is mainly there so you can export your spreadsheets.

If you're not comfortable with actually coding HTML, Word might be a better choice than Excel without going into fully featured software applications. You might also be able to find some free editors online.

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