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What is the cost of doing MS in Germany in the field of electronics?

I am an electronics student pursuing my final semester in India (andhra pradesh) . I am planning to do MS in Germany, so I like to know the details like -

1)what is the cost of the course (electronics)

2)cost of living there %26amp; other such expenditures

3) if funding is available, what are the requirements I should fulfill

4)do i need to learn German language, if

necessary to what extent

5)what are the job opportunities after I get

completing the course

6)please mention some good universities where there i can get intoWhat is the cost of doing MS in Germany in the field of electronics?
1). It depends. But nowadays for most of the German government universities you don't have to pay tuition fees, there you have to pay only the registration fees, it's about 300Euro per semester, there're two semesters per year. But remember, it's not universal, there're universities that have tuition fees as well. You'll have to check the official website of your desired university.

2). For any foreign student the amount is around 650Euro per month, it's defined by the office for foreigners (Ausl盲nderamt).

3). You've very little possibility for that, unless you get any scholarship. Prerequisites: Extraordinary results, extracurricular activities...

4). It depends on universities. If your desired university offers your desired course in English, you'll only need either TOEFL/IELTS/eqiv., but if your desired university offers your desired course in German, you must pass the DSH exam or TestDaF exam to study there.

5). If you complete your MS with good results, job availability is good in technological fields.

6). RWTH Aachen, TU M眉nchen, TU Darmstad, TU Berlin, TU Dresden, Uni Karlsruhe, Uni Stuttgart, Uni Hannover etc...What is the cost of doing MS in Germany in the field of electronics?
The German MA in Electronic Engineering has an enviable global reputation, providing great job opportunities in German and abroad. Because of close links to German industry, students tend tend to have a job offer before graduation. University fees are from nil to 鈧?000 per year (max.), though higher fees will apply if you are not an EU citizen. The cost of living in Germany is about 700 Euros a months (rent and life is cheaper than in the UK or France).

Some universities teach Master courses in English, check the global University Directory to choose the right university.

QA Rankings

Cambridge 1 - Engineering %26amp; IT 4 (拢268 research income)

Imperial College 6 - Engineering %26amp; IT 6 (拢297m)

ETH Zurich 18 - Engineering %26amp; IT 8

Harvard 2 - Engineering %26amp; IT 16

Technische Universit盲t M眉nchen 54 - Engineering %26amp; IT 29

Karlsruhe KIT 147 - Engineering %26amp; IT 51

RWTH 140 - Engineering %26amp; IT 82

Sheffield 72 - Engineering %26amp; IT 83

TU Darmstadt 240 - Engineering %26amp; IT 84

Bristol 30 - Engineering %26amp; IT 85

Grenoble INP n/a - Engineering %26amp; IT 101

TU Dresden 340 - Engineering %26amp; IT 110

Warwick 50 - Engineering %26amp; IT 130

Liverpool 123 - Engineering %26amp; IT 184 (拢110m)

ITESM 320 - Engineering %26amp; IT 200

TU Braunschweig 451-500 - Engineering %26amp; IT 225

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