Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is the best field I can take my MS?

I had finished my school in Mechanical Engineering in 1983, and I had worked in one field since.

I have recently lost my job after 26 years, and I have hard time to find a new job.

I am thinking to go back to school for MS.

What is the best field I can pick for more secure future?What is the best field I can take my MS?
I currently have a Diploma in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

I mainly get to use my electrical engineering skills the most. So as someone with some experience, I would suggest something in an electrical field, either electronic {alarm systems, electronic systems for access control e.g. finger print, I.D. card readers} or something in the heavy current industry{Electrical installations or maintenance of industrial and engineering shops} that is where the most money is.

I am sure you might find a course that would fit your choice.

Believe me when I say try not to go for electrical home maintance, it does not pay that much.

I hope I have given you some idea where to go from here.What is the best field I can take my MS?
networking and security?

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