Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How do I change the colour of my reviewing in ms word?

I want to review changes to an MS word document but I want to be able to see what I've changed AND what the person before me has changed but both of our reviewing font colours are blue! How do I change mine to any other colour? I know it can be done because someone else's is teal!How do I change the colour of my reviewing in ms word?
The problem could originated because:

鈥?A modification on the review track change default

鈥?Share the same Author name and initials


By default, Microsoft Word uses a different color for each reviewer (maximum the first 8), probably you have change this functionality default. To restore this functionality:

Word: 2003

鈥?Select Tools %26gt; Options.

鈥?Click on the Tab labeled, Track Changes.

Under the section, Track Changes Options, resides the Color field.

鈥?Click on the drop-down list of the color option, and select "By author". This will change the color of your tracked changes.

鈥?Click OK.

Word 2007:

鈥?From the ribbon select the Review Tab

鈥?Look for the Tracking group, from the "Tracking changes" drop down select Change tracking options

鈥?Under the Markup section, assign BY AUTHOR from the dropdown menu to Insertions/Deletions. assign AUTO to Changed Lines. assign BY AUTHOR to the comments dropdown menu.

鈥?Under the Formatting section assign "By Author" from the dropdown menu.

鈥?Click OK


Word distinguishes among the different users according to the User Information. Usually, your name is automatically entered when the Word application is installed on your computer. To confirm that the information provided there is correct and different, follow these steps:

WORD 2003:

鈥?From the Tools menu, select Options.

鈥?Click on the User Information tab.

鈥?Ensure that the information is correct and click OK.

WORD 2007:

鈥?Click the Microsoft Office Button, click Word Options, and then click the Formulas tab.

鈥?From the left "column" select "POPULAR"

鈥?Under personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, ensure that the information about your name and initials are correct and different.

鈥?Click OK

Good luck!!!

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