Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to promote a paperless environment with Ms OneNote?

I am doing a project on trying to save the environment by cutting down on paper usage. I am a student at a University and i am trying to influence people to use MS OneNote. What is a good way to get people to use this program? How do i get people to act now on the environment? Thanks for all your answersHow to promote a paperless environment with Ms OneNote?
I actually do not like Microsoft OneNote because it is not a program that has been widely adopted at my large public university. It is not in the computer labs and it costs too much money to purchase the software.

To encourage people to use the program, have it widely available for free or at a reduced cost.

Also encourage institutions as a whole to make the software available at computer labs.

The most important way to encourage people to use MS OneNote? Make sure every student has a laptop that they can take to class with them.
I think people should use more paper. i waste as much of it as i possibly can. then again, i'm from maine which depends heavily on paper mills. remember every time you save a tree you kill a woodsman and starve his family.How to promote a paperless environment with Ms OneNote?
You won't have much success as long as your solution requires using only one specific software program, especially one from a company so many people despise. Why not encourage professors to ask their students to submit all papers electronically? That would save tons of paper, and it might influence others to find other ways to save.
Cutting down on paper use is just one of many ways to help the environment, don't lose this perspective or you'll only sound like a nut. Bear in mind that it is alot easier to read a paper copy, which is why the lecturers want it this format.

Lead by example and don't be shy about it.

.How to promote a paperless environment with Ms OneNote?
Hard copy paper is definately more widely accepted than any electronic format...and lets face it, some people still hate computers.

Legalize hemp and reinstate the process of printing on this environmentally friendly medium. Here are some facts at this link.

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