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What is the difference between Ms and Miss?

In the female status abbreviation, you have Ms, Mrs, and Miss. Now, besides the spelling, what is the differencee in MEANING between Ms and Miss?What is the difference between Ms and Miss?
Women are getting more independent in these modern days so "Miss" means the woman is single, and "Ms." could be a single woman or a married woman. If you were to send a letter to someone and you weren't sure if the woman was married or not you would put "Ms. Smith." Also, some women today are also keeping their surnames after marriage (go by their surname and not their husbands last name) while others will link their surname with that of their new husbands. Eg: Her name is Smith and his is Johnson, so she'd go by "Mary Smith-Johnson." Some women will do this especially if they are in business.

"Miss" and "Mrs" are both contractions of "Mistress". "Ms", pronounced "mizz", appeared in the early 20th century as further contraction of both titles which is independent of marital status.
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What is the difference between Ms and Miss?
Miss is an unmarried woman

MZ started being pushed and persued (in my lifes eye) in the 70's and was often used around where you saw womans lib movements and propaganda. Their view was that A woman did not have to conform to society labels that stated she was or was not unattached as this was a one sided invasion as this practice was not applied to men.

There were some views that this was a planned movement to further subjicate male advancements towards women in workplaces, on the street, etc. I saw it as a defined line, did not speculate on the drutheres. I figured they could say they were cottage cheese if they liked.
Mrs = married and proud

Miss = unmarried and proud

Ms = 1) I don't want you to know whether or not I'm married.

OR 2) I'm divorced.

Ms is basically a general term - you know, the way that men have "Mr"?? I mean, you can't tell whether or not a guy is married, can you? lolWhat is the difference between Ms and Miss?
Mrs. is used for women who are married.

Miss is used for women who are not married.

Ms. is used for women if you don't know whether they're married or not.

At least those are the rules I was taught.
Miss is for young women,who you know are not married. You use Ms. for older women or if your not sure if they are married or not. I only use Mrs. when i know someone is married.
its generally used when the addresser either is unsure of the woman's marital status or a divorced woman who goes back to her old (maiden) name
ms is when you do not want to reveal your martial status.

miss is when you are not married

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